What is The First Step to Buying a Home?


A potential client approaches you to ask about the initial process of buying a home. You can guide him through the screening process and advise a reputable mortgage corporation.


How Does The Market Look Right Now?


Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions to ask a realtor among consumers is how is the real estate market doing.

Even someone who will not be selling a house anytime soon will ask a real estate agent this question.

It’s the kind of thing most homeowners are curious about. After all, for most people, their home is their most tremendous asset.

Unless you are a professional agent which if you were, you wouldn’t have these questions you are unlikely to have your finger fully on the pulse of the local real estate market.

There are simply too many factors to be aware of and too many shifting variables to keep track of. Market knowledge is one of the biggest reasons to hire a reputable Realtor.

An excellent real estate agent can give you lots of valuable information about the local market. Not only that, he or she can help you understand what all that information means to you and your sale.

Your agent should be able to tell you about the current days on the market of homes for sale, market absorption rates, average sale price, and more. In real estate, market knowledge is essential, so be sure to do your homework.

Exceptional Realtors will be able to snap off the answers to these real estate questions very easily.


When Should I Sell My Home?


Another popular question to ask a Realtor is when should I put my home on the market. This is one of my favorite questions from home sellers. Why? I will answer honestly, while most agents will always say “right now.” It is still easy to spot an agent that gives advice based on what’s best for them.

Of course, you want to sell when you are likely to get the best possible results. But when is that? The answer is complicated. Generally speaking, the best time to sell is when you are ready. There are advantages to selling in every season, despite what some agents may try to tell you.

Spring is undoubtedly considered the most ideal in many circles, but that does not mean you can’t get great results in summer, winter, and fall. You just need an agent who knows how to sell year-round. They are out there, so if you want and need to sell in a season that isn’t’ spring, know that you can do so and be happy with the results.

You can learn the tips for selling a house in each of the seasons of the year. Whether you are selling in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you’ll get some excellent advice for each of the time frames you might choose to sell your property.

If time is of no consequence, then sure, Spring is probably the best time of year to sell. If I was selling my own home and had no time constraints, that’s when I would do it.


How Do I Get My Home Ready to Sell?


An excellent question for any seller to ask a Realtor is, “what should I do to get my house ready for the market?” There is a lot of work to be done before you list your home.

Everything must be done behind the scenes before allowing buyers to look at your home and start asking questions.

That way, when you finally open the doors, you are prepared to make a sale then and there and don’t need to do a bunch of stuff that you overlooked.

Your agent is the best-qualified person to help you identify what needs to be done before you sell. Keep in mind that every home is different, so the advice you get for your home might be different than the information another seller would get.

That being said, there are some things that almost every seller needs to do. These include:

Clean things up. No one wants to buy a dirty house. Or, in reality, only bargain seekers are going to be highly interested in a cluttered, messy home because they assume they can get a great deal from an as-is seller. If you want reasonable offers, you need to remove clutter and clean it thoroughly.

Declutter and rent storage if necessary. When selling a home, first impressions and appearance can make or break how much you’ll put in your pocket. It’s wise to declutter your home as much as possible. A few great ways to do that are having a donation pick-up or renting a storage pod or storage unit.

Make needed repairs. Broken door handles, missing tiles, stained carpets there are probably several little jobs that need to be done around your house before you list it. The more of these small, cheap fixes you make, the more desirable your home will be. Proper home maintenance shows you care for your property. There may also be big jobs that need to be done. Wait to talk to your agent before you invest in any major repairs to be sure that doing so will benefit your sale as you expect. Doing your part before the home is listed for sale is also a side benefit for being ready for the house inspection.

Take great pictures. The photos on your listing are the first thing that most buyers are going to see. You want them to be good, and it takes talent and practice to produce those kinds of pictures. Your agent should either be skilled at taking real estate pictures or know someone who is. That way, your listing looks as good as possible and shows the best side of your home. See some great tips for shooting your real estate photos.